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FurBabies Dog Daycare

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          Do you hate that your furbaby doesn't get the excersise they need? Pet daycare is the answer. Feel  bad going to work and leaving them to fend for their selfs all day? puppy daycare will do the trick. Does your furbaby have a ton of energy when you get home and doesn't seem to sleep well? Our Daycare is the answer to your furbabies sweet dreams.       Dog Daycare in jasper Drop off for a full day starts at 7:45am our fun friendly staff will oversee social playtime starting at 8:30am where your furbaby will be able to socialize with their playmates, play ball, frizbee, run in the waterhose  (just like we used to) play tug-of-war or just relax by the kiddy pool. At 10:30am we will begin lunch for your furbaby should you elect to have your furbaby fed while they are with us. After lunch its a full belly and time for a nap. Our half day daycare furbaby friends should be picked up no later than 12:30pm.  Afternoon half day daycare furbabies should be dropped off no later than 12:45pm.  Afternoon playtime starts at 1:00pm where your furbaby can again socalize with their peers, play or just chill on the porch. Afternon social time ends at 4:00pm and your furbaby will be patiently waiting your arrival.  Furbabies attending daycare should be picked up no later than 6pm unless other arrangements are made with the staff prior, pickup after 6pm could lead to additional charges. Animals not picked up by closing will be charged a full night of boarding, and will not be available to pick up untill morning. For more information ask a member of our staff. FurBabies dog daycare.

Requirements and other information-  Animals attending daycare must be dog friendly, people friendly, current with all vaccinations, spayed or neutered (other than puppies 6 months of age or less) and ready to have fun!   Our staff reserves the right to rufuse to allow any dog into daycare or to discontinue future daycare service as they see nessasary for the health and well being of the entire group.   Ask our staff about Sibling discounts for your furbabies attending daycare, as well as discounted rates for baths and much more! Conviently Located in Jasper also servicing the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa areas, walker counties best pet boarding, dog grooming and dog daycare. 

Pricing-  Full day daycare:  $15.00   Half day daycare: $11.00   Week special: Full Day: $70.00 1/2 day: $50.00   Monthy :  Full Day:$270.00 1/2 day: $190.00   Lunch (if elected) : $5.00   Late Pickup: $10.00 per occurence    (after closing one night of boarding)

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