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  • Grooming

    General Grooming Information

    Here is a short list of our services please see our staff for more informatoin and other services we offer.

    Standard groom     $40.00 +   (under 30lb animal) 

    Standard groom     $45.00+    (30-60lb animal) 

    Standard groom     $60.00+    (over 60lb animal) 

    Sanitary trim            $25.00+    (under 30lb animal) 

    Sanitary trim            $35.00+    (over 30lb animal) 

    Sanitary trim            $45.00+    (over 60lb animal) 

    Nail clipping             $10.00+   

    Tooth Brushing      $10.00+   

    Breath Freshening    $7.00   

    Bath and Dry            $15.00+   

    Ear cleaning                $5.00+   

    Flea treatment          $12.00   

    Blueberry Facial        $10.00   

    Lunch Special            $10.00   (limited availability, guarantees your animal by lunch, by appointment only)   ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE

    Please keep in mind these prices are for most animals, some breeds such as huskeys and shepards can vary in price according several factors such as coat type and desired service.